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Landscaping Services Middleton Wisconsin

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Enjoy your yard by having our team at Green Masters Landscape create a yard that you can appreciate and with the functionality your family can use. In Middleton, our landscaping services will take your plan, then create an outdoor place you can use and enjoy. Using Landscape services such as paved patios, walkways, stone, flower beds, retaining walls, trees, mulch, new sod, and much more, will create the dream space you want to use everyday.


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Green Masters Landscape provides a full list of landscaping services throughout Madison, Wisconsin, Middleton, and the surrounding areas.

Middleton Landscaper:

Landscaping Services
Retaining Wall Construction
Patio Paver Installation
Sod & Grass Seed Installation
Planting & Flower Beds
Stone & Mulch
Edging (No Concrete Edging)

Green Masters Landscape and Lawn Care Dane County, Wisconsin

Landscaping Services throughout Middleton

We understand the importance of proper landscaping services in order to achieve and maintain a worthy landscape. Our philosophy is working directly with you to ensure that you're getting exactly what you're landscape needs for it to flourish. No matter what challenges we face, we will find a way to maintain and enhance your lawn and landscapes. Our services are performed in a timely manner, with only the best quality products. Our landscaping services for Middleton include, but are not limited to, the following:

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
Retaining Wall Construction
Patio Paver Installation for Patios and Walkways
Sod & Grass Seed Installation
Planting & Flower Beds & Edging
Decorative Stone & Mulch Installation

Retaining Wall Construction Services Middleton

Retaining walls are structures that are meant and designed restrain soil and support unnatural slopes. Retaining walls are used to bound soils that are between two different elevations. These are often in areas that have undesirable slopes or in areas where the landscape must be shaped severely. Retaining walls allow this undesirable land to be transformed into something beautiful and a level for a great living experience.

Whether its repairing an existing retaining wall to constructing and installing a brand new modular wall that will help shape the outdoor living space that you want. We have a variety of materials available such as concrete block, decorative block, and stone so we can assure that we will have something that you want in your landscape.

Stacking stone or blocks isn't the most complicated thing to do, but the most important part of our work is often unseen. While our color and material choices along with our careful construction are unmatched, it is the engineering behind every wall that really dictates the quality and how long the wall will last. All of our retaining walls are designed and constructed within the recommended engineering parameters. We make sure to never cut corners and take every proper step from excavating to the correct depths to ensuring the correct installation. When you decide to have a retaining wall built by us, we guarantee that it will last for years to come.

Patio Paver Installation Middleton

Brick paving is an amazing and easy way to completely enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape. This can be done to create stunning walkways or larger spaces like patios or even outdoor kitchens. We have an amazing array of colors, patterns, and textures so we can find a perfect match for your home and what you're looking for. Brick pavers are amazing because they outlast regular concrete and asphalt by many years and they also require little maintenance compared to wood decking.

A custom look created with our pavers can resemble natural stone, brick, or other natural materials because of all the color and texture options that we have. This not only transforms the look of your landscape, but it also considerably increases the value of your home. We will work with you to create a custom hardscape that will compliment your home and the rest of your landscape. Enjoy the durability and longevity that our pavers offer and ensure that your backyard, patio, or walkways last for decades.

With a new stunning walkway or patio, you will create a lasting first impression to family and friends when they come to your home. When you work with us, you will get an expertly planned, well balanced walkway, patio, or entry that will fit your style, and more importantly, your budget. Increase the curb appeal of your home and give it a wow factor that will make an impression on anybody that sees it.

Sod & Grass Seed Installation in Middleton

Within just a couple of hours, sod will transform your yard from soil to a complete, grass covered lawn. This grass sod is complete with mature density and a developed root system. This allows you to immediately reap the benefits of a stunning lawn right after installation. Immediately after the sod is laid, you are left with a soft and clean surface to utilize. Sod also instantly reduces heat, glare, noise, and odors. Since the sod is fully matured when it is installed, it will immediately begin to control soil erosion because the roots will sink down very quickly. Grass sod is an excellent choice for your entire yard or just for areas where seed would normally fail.

If seeding is the way you want to go, we are able to properly install seed and give you tips to ensure that your new lawn comes in evenly and healthy. Seed is best for new lawn installations on bare areas with satisfactory grade, soil depth, and soil quality. The best times to start this process is in the late summer or early fall, when the days are warm and the nights are cool. This allows the grass to grow in preparation for winter without having to compete with pesky weeds.

Planting & Flower Bed Installation Middleton

Softscape features include flowerbeds, raised beds, and gardens. These features really accentuate other features of your landscape and give it a pop of color and visual appeal. Making a major change in your landscape like adding a flower bed is very exciting, the only restrictions that you have is the space available. We will help you understand the virtually endless list of options that are available to you and what will work best for your location and soil type, along with your edging options which include stone and metal.

Our professionals have years of experience helping people design and choose the best plants and flowers to get as much visual impact as possible, without going overboard. Whether you want functionality and subtlety, or bright colors and major cosmetic appeal, we will help with all stages and leave you with a stunning softscape that will greatly improve the look of your overall landscape.

Decorative Stone & Mulch Installation Middleton

Mulch and decorative stone greatly improve the look and function of your landscape beds. Mulch gives them a finished look while also protecting and insulating the soil and roots. The decorative stone borders the outside of your beds and can give a great visual contrast from the flowers and plants you have in the beds, as well as helps protect your plants.

Installing mulch gives your beds or tree bases a finished and premium look, but it also greatly improves the health of your plants. Mulch is a real multitasker, it protects your plants roots from extreme weather conditions, protects your soil from erosion, and also helps prevent weed growth. Different mulches provide different looks as well as different benefits for certain plants. We will advise you throughout the process to ensure you get something that not only looks great, but also fully serves its purpose.

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